Gemba Consulting's team specializes in breakthrough improvement. Our primary focus is to ensure that the improvement supports your business strategy. Whether it be through implementing DMAIC in response to a deficiency with an existing process (reactive) or helping you apply DFSS in the ground-up design of a new product or process, we coach and mentor you towards a significant ROI.


DMAIC is an acronym for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control. Typically companies implement DMAIC before considering DFSS. They do so in response to a problem with an existing product, process, or service. Making a significant and measurable improvement quickly is the first priority, but inexperienced and short-sighted "quick fixes" always carry higher long-term costs.

Alternatively, implementing a long-term corporate-wide initiative and waiting for staff to graduate with Black Belts does not address the immediate need.

With Gemba Consulting's depth of experience, we are able to coach you through the immediate problems and help you make significant improvement while at the same time develop a stable base of improvement on which you can build and increase value.

We combine the most appropriate techniques for your particular situation because one solution does not work for all situations. This is where our experience plays a crucial role. Simply applying a process improvement technique does not guarantee success and if applied incorrectly, or to the wrong situation, can actually make the problem worse. However, make no mistake about it: process reform done correctly - or what we call "intelligently" - will result in stellar improvements.






DFSS - Design for Six Sigma

Gemba Consulting's highly experienced on-site specialists coach you and your team in real-time. All your training relates to your own processes and all your efforts go towards a shorter time to market and a more successful product.

“Beating a new product into submission in operations for a year will save the company six weeks of up front preventive work” – Dr Robert Cooper

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