The Elements of DMAIC

The DMAIC tools offer precise measurement and control while our experience ensures their appropriate use and the discerning interpretation of the results. In contrast however, the success of the project does not require any interpretation. The success is simply measured in tangible dollars on your balance sheet.

Define the customer, their issues, and the Core Business Process involved.

This single most important first step translates the pain you are experiencing into a defined project with tangible and measurable benefits as the outcome. Experience is absolutely critical at this point. Virtually all failed projects have a root cause of poor project definition.

Measure the performance of the Core Business Process involved.

In understanding the process and its capabilities, we distill the many possible contributors to the problem down to the important few. These become the candidates for improvement. Any non-value-add tasks are identified as candidates for removal.

Analyze the data collected to determine root causes of defects and opportunities for improvement.

Transforming the practical business problem into a statistical problem allows for objective analysis. This analysis is done using basic and advanced tools to determine causal relationships. It is here that the science of statistics requires the art of application.

Improve the target process by designing solutions to fix and prevent problems.

The Six Sigma methodology uses structured experimentation to optimize process settings. Here, the process wisdom and experience of the in-house team members is combined with the knowledge and expertise of the Gemba Consulting specialists to develop innovative solutions.

Control the improvements to keep the process on the new course and prevent reverting back to the "old way".

Institutionalize the improvements through the modification of systems and structures (staffing, training, incentives) and the breakthrough improvement will begin to show up on your balance sheet.





Gemba Consulting's experience and coaching helps you reach your improvement targets on the first attempt without a large investment in dollars or time.

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