The primary motivator for a DFSS initiative is financial.

DFSS satisfies the voice of the business by generating new profits through new products or services.

And it satisfies the voice of the customer by offering new value.

Gemba Consulting's on-site coaching allows you to reduce your time to market and gain a significant market share with a high quality, high value product.




DFSS - Design for Six Sigma

Like DMAIC, DFSS uses a set of robust statistical tools to achieve success. However, unlike DMAIC, the DFSS process itself is not carved in stone. Instead, it is an “approach” that is tailored for your specific application. With that said, not only it is important to have an experienced mentor guide you through the process, it is equally important to have that same experienced mentor help you integrate it with your existing practices.

Gemba Consulting specializes in the manufacturing and technology business sector and has developed a DFSS methodology that brings the greatest value to these companies. Whether you are bringing a new product to the market or starting a new business segment, this proactive approach dramatically improves your bottom line.

We combine the sound principles of the CDOV (Concept, Design, Optimize, Verify) methodology with our experience to ensure quality, stability, and results.

Concept Design Optimize Verify (CDOV) Methodology


Long-term success is tied to the new product development process. The Concept, Design, Optimize, and Verify methodology is a mechanism that will add robustness to your existing design process.






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