Are your customers demanding price reductions? Are your delivery schedules not being met?  Are you pressured to do better? Whether you are in business operations or in manufacturing, Gemba Consulting coaches you through to breakthrough performance!



What We Do

Gemba Consulting helps manufacturing and technology companies seek and destroy problems affecting business success.  Whether it is a product or process issue, our unique approach, combining mentoring and hands-on problem resolution, gets you on target quickly and economically. The lean and responsive methodology brings you additional value over both conventional consulting relationships and new in-house initiatives.

How We Do It

We use a highly structured, data-driven process that borrows heavily from tried and tested improvement philosophies, such as Six Sigma and Lean, to tackle issues that keep you up at night.  We provide on-site management and mentoring on a project-by-project basis. You supply the team with the detailed technical knowledge and Gemba Consulting provides the tools and expertise to drive the project.

From operational inefficiencies in business processes and supply chains to quality and yield issues in manufacturing, we attack the obstacles that stand between you and your improvement targets.

  • Tackling larger process improvement on a project basis produces immediate incremental results that reduce the risk and cost of the overall initiative.
  • On-site training in tools, techniques and methodologies allows your team to become first hand practitioners and reduces the time and cost to attain complete self-sufficiency.





We Provide

On-site Project Execution

Interim Technical and Management Resources

Customized Training


To Help You With

Process Design and Improvement

Product Quality and Reliability

Operational Infrastructure

Supply Management and Optimization



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